My daily journal

Yes today I’m starting my posts, I had the Farsi version but then I decided why not English.

Another day has started with grace of God, I mean really grace of God. Thinking back and wondering how I survived all those years without knowing Him. I don’t know honestly!

Anyway right now I’m a stay home mom and have a beautiful son which is miracle. My days are going really fast as I don’t know when we end up for weekend. You may think ok what does she have to share? But let me tell you it is not boring as you think. It’s a mysterious journey little by little.

Everyday you see something new in your baby and you start realizing how God made us? Why he didn’t create man with all the abilities together? why babies have to learn to survive gradually. First crying, then smiling, cooing, crawling, walking, and etc.. I have so many questions to ask Him. I’m sure we’ll get our answers in heaven.

I remember first time I hold my baby, I cried! But I wasn’t feeling much.. Then when time passed I started loving him more and more and for today that he is almost 3 months old I can’t imagine one second loosing him. Even when he is sleep I’m checking his pictures. Funny right! but this love and feeling is amazing!

You may think why is she sharing this? Why is this feeling important? This journey and my feeling brought me closer to God and I started realizing that every second we have to be thankful to Him for giving His Son for our sins. I am human and I’m sure my love is incomplete, just think deep that how much more God loved His Son but He gave Him for our Sins.

Today where ever you are or what ever you do ask Him for forgiveness because He is God of Grace. Let Him  give you peace so you can rest in his presence. Trust him with all your heart. He is God of promises.